Bible School

Welcome to Revival Gospel Ministries International

A kingdom-oriented bible school with a curriculum specially designed to train minister and leaders who can fit in any bible church. An affiliate of International Circle of Faith University and Seminaries USA (Life College)

Our Mission

To help fulfill the great commission by placing in the body of christ, men and women with a vision of what God has for them and the church. Equiping all round ministers who will bring in the long awaited revival of Cameroon and the nations around the world.

Our Objectives

  • Ministerial Training: Train students for leadership and ministry, biblical studies on how to succeed in life and ministry, evangelism, prayers and leadership.
  • Theological Training: A comprehensive study of the bible that touches the heart, transform the soul and transforms the body.
  • Academic studies: Studies that will enhance your relationship with man and God.
  • Curriculum: The curriculum is specially designed to help you through the following qualifications: Basic certificate in Ministry, Diploma in Ministry, Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, Bachelor of Religious studies, Bachelor in Theology, Master of Religious studies and Master of Arts in Divinity

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