Revival Ministries Cameroon

Transforming and Empowering Youths

Revival Gospel Ministries  is a faith based non profit organization located in the South West Region of Cameroon with its mission of using God’s Word in transforming and empowering youths in remote communities across Cameroon.  Since founded, We have touched and transform thousands of youths through the following programs : Revival Gospel Radio,  Primary School, Women Empowerment,  Children Sponsorship. Our aim is to build the next generation of creative youths who can generate opportunities and create positive impact in their respective communities using skills acquired from our programs.

Revival Education

We believe every child deservers a better education no matter their background, Under our educational program , We own and run a full primary and nursery school in which we provide free education for several children from remote communities 

Youth Digital Change

Join our Digital Campaign in which we teach youths on how they can make use of digital tools in creating opportunities and creating positive impact in their respective communities, Since founded, We have trained 100 plus youths

Revival Gospel Radio

We own and operate a full Gospel radio broadcast , We use our radio station to spread the Word of God and also as a children educational platform broadcasting quality educational contents with the aim of building our Children in God’s Way

Revival Rural Education Program

Creating easy access to education for children in need located in remote communities using radio communication 

There are hundreds of children in remote communities across our region not going to school due to lack finance, sponsors, Our aim is to use communication tools as a resource and fund mobilization tool to raise funds to assist children go to school,  Since founded we have provided sponsorship for hundreds of children living in remote communities. Feel free to Join our campaign  and for details on how you can become part our children sponsorship program, send us fast mail using