Revival Digital Movement

Revival Digital Movement

Unemployment is still a major problem in communities across our country, Hundreds of youths walking the streets no Jobs, Thousands living school each year entering a job market which is already saturated, The lack of Jobs made us to come up with a unique program to train and empower youths on Digital Marketing showing them on how they can use their phones identifying farm products and market them using their existing social media platforms.  Because of our first program, So many youths are now making passive income from commission sales.

Our Next Target

We really want to change the way youths look at digital technologies by helping and teaching them on how they can make good use of this tools in developing their environment . We are calling upon international partners to Join our movement, Together we would build an amazing world in which youths can create more impacts in communities using our modern technologies.

How can I get involve 

We are currently Mobilizing resources to establish a full practical training environment which would give us the chance to transform so many youths in to outstanding entrepreneurs’ , Feel free to reach us using +237677640241  available via WhatsApp round the clock.

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